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1st Workshop of Navakaraṇa in GIJÓN, Asturias – Nov 2019

The North of Spain blew me away the first time Miklos and I drove up there in 2018 for the Ewan Festival (Songs for an Ewan Day). And since then Asturias has had a special place in our heart! And with each trip that I take up North, I am thankful that I am able to connect with more people.

Luckily on my last trip to Asturias, I connected with Jeanette in the Summer of 2019 via instagram. I really connected with her and the yoga studio that she created on her own. I saw her as this powerful and inspiring image and I couldn’t wait to work together and hold a Navakarana workshop there.

On a cold, rainy weekend in November 2019, Miklos and I flew up to Asturias to visit her and her students in Gijón. Despite the weather, we were charmed by the city streets, the power of the sea and the warm smiles and energy of all the yoga students, who were a beautiful mix of fellow teachers, beginners to Vinyasa, Hatha practicioners.

It was a wonderful and intensive workshop and for all of them there, their first time trying this new method of yoga, that is Navakarana Vinyasa. And I’m happy to say that they all loved it! And are eager for more hehehe.

I think I’ll have to do a longer intensive workshop next time, thats 3-5 days longs, rather than 2 days!

Don’t worry Asturias and the NORTH! I will be back. Hasta Lueguin!!!!!

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