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2nd Workshop of Navakaraṇa in MOVEbyDORTA – MADRID Nov 2019

My 2nd time back in Madrid for a workshop! And we completely sold out on the workshop. It feels overwhelming when that happens. Its such a nervous and scary thing publishing about a workshop. Because as a freelance teacher, you have to put up all the upfront expenses, like booking the train tickets, booking the hotels and committing to the date etc. And you have no idea if the date you chose is going to be a good weekend for people, or if you have that connection with enough people. So I am proud of this achievement to have a workshop that sold out.
And i want to thank MOVEBYDORTA for being the yoga studio to believe in me and invite me to teach there. I appreciate the support of these studios that take that risk with me.

Kurma Krama from Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa
Teaching the steps on how to safely:


Día 2 – Domingo

Hanuman Krama

We did it MADRID!!! xx

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