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2020 NEW YEAR CHALLENGE with VIVEA, Viladecans, Barcelona

Those days between Christmas and New Years, are always a funny time. Many of us are in our home-towns for the Christmas period, but after, Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day lunches and dinners, our bodies get a little anxious of over eating, drinking and going with the flow of other peoples diets, routines and rituals. It’s nice to do these New Year challenges together, 3 days of back-to-back Navakarana Vinyasa Yoga classes. A 1.5hr break from the festivities and a moment to ourselves.

Vivea celebrated the last day of this challenge with their famous brunch! & as we were practicing together, Ramon and Kassandra of vivea, were silently preparing such a beautiful vegan feast in the open Kitchen behind us.

Thank you to Ramon & Kassandra for hosting this 3 day event, and ending it together on such a high with your brunch. xx

All pictures taken by Ramon (IG = @pim.moving)

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