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THE ELEVEN HOUSE, Peratallada, GIRONA – January 25th

My first time in the famous little Medieval village of Peratallada!!!! AND WOW! Beyond charming! Deep into the countryside we go, and into a little village, down cobbled streets, and we find the ELEVEN HOUSE! What a house to OOooo & Aaaaa over. Every corner has been designed to emote peace. A beautiful mix of modern lightness and heavy historic features.

Fire Place

I like to start my workshops off by checking in with the breath. This is how my teacher organised his workshops and it had a great impact on my own personal practice. This emphasis given to the breath at the start of the practice, allows the students to feel its importance. And it allows me to quickly check-in with each student to assist if they are having any difficulty finding their ujjayi pranayama.

Especially in these workshops where I travel for the first time to a new place, and very likely its the first time for students to practice navakarana, or maybe even a Vinyasa class, for them to enjoy the flow and to understand the movements, it is important for me to move around the room. I like to help guide the person at the front of wherever we are facing, so that the rest of the students behind can follow us with ease, without having to turn their necks in a funny way to try and follow the class.
urdhva dhanurasana
A lovely moment of Susanna, the owner of the house, with her friend preparing the brunch while we are upstairs on the top floor in our yoga practice. 🙂


You must make sure your body is aligned correctly, or you could injure yourself over time. It takes both patience and discipline to correct yourself in this posture so that you can avoid injuries. Once you can accomplish this, you will see this pose as a powerful , strengthening movement in your practice.
What a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning. An intensive yoga class, followed by brunch and lovely conversation. 🙂 And all before 13:00!
After the brunch, Miklos and I stayed a little bit longer to chat with Susanna and then we enjoyed a nice stroll through the streets of this little village. WOW. A must must must! Apparently its crazy here in summer, but during the winter, its so empty and wonderful to walk around. It felt like the village was just for us! 🙂 hehe

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