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Last Workshop of 2019 in Barcelona, MAFIC SPACE!

My workshops in this space – MAFIC SPACE, have been by far my favourite workshops of 2019! I think we could all feel the energy of the space and of the practice that we shared.
MAFIC SPACE has blessed me this year. It was a unique space in the heart of the city, that allowed me to finally connect with a group of people that lived in the city centre. It would have been tough for me to offer such “centric” classes in the way I wanted without having found MAFIC.

I live in Barcelona, but the zone that I live in is on the outskirts, so I don’t come into town often. And for many people that live and work in the centre, find it difficult to get to me to attend class. So these MAFIC SPACE classes have been a beautiful time for us to connect and for me to share with you all the power of Navakarana. Especially with these weekend back to back workshops, where we have 2.5hours together, to chat, discuss and for me to watch all of your practices.

Since this workshop was the weekend before Christmas! I decided to do a little giveaway, and I collaborated with my favourite companies of Barcelona and they were all so kind enough to be part of the GIVEAWAYS for 4 lucky winners!!!

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