Husband & Wife open yoga studio in Barcelona – MA•NA

Working together as husband and wife is not a new concept for Miklos and I. We realised through the years, that we are happiest when we are working together. And this LOFT appeared to us at a perfect moment in our lives, when we were ready to receive it and really go for it hand-in-hand as a husband-and-wife-team! I would run the yoga studio front of house and Miklos would run it back of house.

Miklos serves as our team’s photographer, web designer, Yoga App builder, Financial Manager and Meditation & Reiki Healer. I (Alessandra) serve as a Yoga Teacher, Marketing and Studio Manager 🙂

Location: Carrer Bonavista 8, Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona

We chose to look for a space one day, out of curiosity, to see what was available in the area that we lived in (Sant Just Desvern). And we just so happened to find this place in our google search, on the same day that the space was released on the market! And we were quick to strike! 🙂 By the 7th of November 2019 we received the keys and started to transform this Mechanics (Taller) Workshop into the zen temple of Yoga that we saw it had every potential in becoming!

Picture of us, getting the keys on November 7th 2019.
Interior Original del Taller Mecanico



We were quick to supply our studio with yoga mats and blocks to start my classes immediately, because Miklos and I are also partners in a Yoga Accessories company called RR-OM.

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